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Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Developer Edition Coming Soon?

A Galaxy Users are sailing through the Samsung’s product registry site recently to input his brand new Galaxy Note 3 and noticed a listing that should grab the attention. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Developer Edition Coming Soon.

verizon galaxy note 3 developer edition

Entering the Note 3′s model number on Samsung’s U.S. site brings up mention of a “Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 (Verizon) Developer Edition | SM-N900VMKEVZW“, which is as good a hint as any that the device exists, though it’s unknown when it will be launched.

As a reminder, Verizon and Samsung launched the Galaxy S4 Developer Edition too on June. Developer edition variants are the same as the standard device in every way, but come with an unlocked bootloader, making it easy to root and flash custom software on the device. As always, expect to pay full price for the developer edition, as these typically don’t come with a contract.

Source: Droid-Life

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