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How to unlock Galaxy S5

How to unlock Galaxy S5

Do you know how to unlock Galaxy S5? Many questions arise for the gadget mania about security devices. For example, if it is possible for a smart phone that has been given a password and then disappear reused if there are people who find these gadgets? if it can, then how to do it especially how to unlock galaxy S5? Basically, anyone can use a mobile phone like Samsung galaxy s5. Hard reset / factory reset is the most common way to unlock this phone
e. This will delete all the phone data such as contacts, apps and all the data stored in the internal memory, except data on external memory / SD Card. The following tips are not intended to allow a thief to access your personal data at your Samsung galaxy s5. If your galaxy s5 is locked after 5 attempts because of wrong entering the pattern and you do not want to do a Factory Reset, then the only way is to use a Gmail account and password that you use to register your phone by clicking on the Forgot Pattern.

Do you know that Samsung Galaxy S5 has a feature that can open the lock screen without you having to touch the power button. It looks like Samsung really want to pamper our loyal customers with superb technology in a premium phone their output. This feature may be utilized so that you phone the Galaxy S5 power button you can be durable, because it is definitely a day you can repeatedly press the power button. Especially if you are including a busy man, would have many notifications are intermittently come in, and of course if there is a new notification comes in, you should immediately check, and certainly you will press the power button for opening the lock. Well certainly within a few years wrote its power button can be damaged because most suppressed. So you might try the following way so that you can open the lock screen without having to touch a button power. Well how to unlock galaxy s5 then? It turns out that in this phone there is a proximity sensor is a kind of light sensors, like that. Create activate this sensor is also easy once, you do not need to download an application that weird.

How to unlock Galaxy S5


Please follow the following way:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your GalaxyS5,
  2. Select the Personalization menu and go to the Accessibility menu,
  3. When you are done, go back to the menu Dexterity and interaction.
  4. Now in the menu Dexterity and interaction exists Water Wake Up options still off, you only live enable AirWakeUp positioned on.

After the exit from the settings menu and you can turn off the phone screen (lock screen). Try you sweep your hand over the light sensor located on the front side of the camera sensor, it will definitely unlock and open the phone yourself without having to touch your finger on the power button. Is not this a great ways regarding to how to unlock galaxy s5, right?

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