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How to unlock Galaxy Note 4

How to unlock Galaxy Note 4

How to unlock Galaxy note 4? One of the security features on Android phones is the Pattern Lock. With this feature, you must enter a specific pattern prearranged to unlock it. Unfortunately, many users are likely to forgetful or have a lot of Android phones with Pattern Lock different. Well, what to do if you cannot unlock it and cannot use the phone? If you are ever in the phone sync to Gmail account, then you just need to log into the Gmail account on the main screen. Or you can enter your PIN number as an alternative to the padlock in the mobile phone users. But what would happen if you forget those three things? Here are some easy steps to restore your Android phone to its original state (factory default settings) without going into the menu.


  1. Turn off the phone
  2. Press the “Volume up+Home Key+PowerButton” at the same timeuntil the phoneturns on. Ifthere is nophysical Home buttononthe phone, yousimply press thevolume upbuttonandthe power button.
  3. Waituntil theblackscreenthat looks likeDOSwithseveral menu options. Removefingerfromthe buttonsothe menu appears.
  4. Use thevolume upand downbuttonsto select themenu. Navigate to the option”Wipe Data/Factory Reset” or”Restore FactoryDefaults” or”Delete All User Data”. Selectthe optionby pressing thepower button.
  5. Thennavigate to themenuoption”Reboot SystemNow”andwait forthe phone turnsback.

Once the phone is on, then all the data (including PIN and Pattern Lock) will be lost.

But the drawback of this method is all the data stored in the phone such as contacts, SMS, applications, photos, songs, videos, and other data will be lost.

How to unlock Galaxy Note 4

So how do I unlock Galaxy Note4 then? You forgot pattern lock (lock pattern) so that your phone is blocked? Usually it will appear request to enter your gmail account and password. But what if forgot the gmail account? You can follow the below tips about how to unlock galaxy note 4

1. Make sure the phone is not in a state of low battery. First remove the SIM and Memory Card,

2. Then turn off the phone

3. Then press and hold the Home key combination (middle button) + Power + Volume Up (above), hold and then go to exit,

4. It would appear several options, namely Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Sim lock. Select the Recovery menu, use the Volume keys to navigate (all above and to-bottom), the Home button for OK.

Then certain display will appear on the screen

5. After it, continues to select Wipe Data / Factory Reset, press Home to Yes,

6. Then select For All Users,

7. Finally Reboot Now,

8. Wait a few moments.

After the system is finished rebooting, Hp will return as it was when first purchased (back to factory settings). And all third-party applications will be lost, so there is only the default application from Samsung. That’s all about how to unlock Galaxy Note 4.

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