Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 and N9005. Include Specifications, Tips and Latest Firmware Update

Samsung Galaxy S5 tips

Samsung Galaxy S5 tips To help you for grips with it without having to experiment or read the manual, we have prepared some useful Samsung Galaxy S5 tips in this article. We hope it will be useful.

How to use My Magazine

Flipboard is so good that producers copying and building on it to create a built-in aplication. Move from the left to the right of the home screen on the Galaxy S5 and you will see My Magazine. You have to press the menu icon in the upper right and head into Settings for personalization to the topic you want, and to add social feeds media. You can set it to auto-update when you open it and swiping down from the top will refresh the content. Samsung Galaxy S5 My Magazine

How to use the fingerprint scanner

Biometric security is all the rage and the fingerprint scanner Samsung is a versatile security solution that you can use to unlock the phone, make a purchase, and lock personal files. To set it, go to Settings> Finger Scanner> Fingerprint Manager and follow the guide there. You can decide what you want to use it to the bottom in the Finger Scanner Features. Samsung Galaxy S5 use fingerprint scanner When you use it, you will see a trail at the bottom of the screen and you have to swipe your finger down all the way at the top of the Home button to use it, but without pressing it. Sometimes it will take a few swipes to register. You must swipe a finger eight times to record. Try swiping it at a slightly different angle when you set it up and there is a better chance it will work well for you in the future.

How to hide private files

The Finger Scanner is a useful way to unlock the Galaxy S5 and purchase through Samsung account or PayPal, but you also can use it to lock a sensitive file. In setting, you will find a selection of Private Mode which allows you to hide the personal contents. You can choose photos, videos, music, sound recordings, and other files. Now the files can only be accessed by your finger, so there is no danger of tripping over them. You prying eyes can activate the private mode on and off by dragging two fingers down on the notification bar to open the settings menu quickly. Samsung Galaxy S5 hide private files

How to use the touch screen with stylus or gloves

If you are in a cool place and want to use the Samsung Galaxy S5 with gloves, or maybe you want to use a stylus, then there is a large touch screen sensitivity option only for you. Go to Settings> Display and check the box next to Improve the touch sensitivity. Samsung Galaxy S5 screen with stylus

How to save battery power by way of Ultimate

You will find the power saving mode in the settings and it will help you extend the battery life. You can decide whether you want to turn off background data and performance limit. If you really need your S5 to survive then try Ultra power saving mode instead, gives you a simplified home screen with limited application and function access. You can select applications that you want to access to and also switched to gray, so no power is wasted on a color screen. Samsung Galaxy S5 save battery

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