Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 and N9005. Include Specifications, Tips and Latest Firmware Update

Samsung Galaxy S5 manual

Samsung Galaxy S5 manual

Read this Samsung galaxy s5 first before you purchase this gadget. Some fans which are waiting for the presence of Samsung Galaxy S5 are disappointed with the device because it brings the design more or less similar to the previous series, the Galaxy S4. Not to mention the Galaxy S5 body is also not wrapped in a shell of metal as previously rumored, but still with plastic carbonate. However, behind the form that begin boring, Samsung actually has implemented a number of major changes and embed new features. Unlike the Galaxy S4 gimmicky impressed with the features that its usefulness is questionable, a series of features on the Galaxy S5 is more functional and impressed actually be useful.

1. Detection of the heartbeat pulse

Samsung gives special emphasis on the function of health monitoring Galaxy S5 through S-Health applications 3. To support this, the phone is also equipped with a heart rate detection sensors placed on the back, just next to the LED flash camera. To use it, users simply open the S-Health applications and then put one finger on the sensor, which will emit red light to indicate that the detection process is running. Galaxy S5 can also be connected to the Galaxy Fit with Fit Gear application manager to perform health monitoring in real time. Devices smart watches that function something like the Nike Fuel Band detection, it also has its own heartbeat and can transmit data to the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 heartbeat pulse

2. The fingerprint scanner

Galaxy S5 also comes with a fingerprint scanner that is placed on the home button. To perform fingerprint data input, the user must swipe a finger from up to down. Direction and speed should fit. If not, then the Galaxy S5 will ask the scanning process is repeated. Such mechanisms are quite different than TouchID scanner on the iPhone 5S, where the user presses the home button with a finger to perform fingerprint identification. However, after some time getting used to, fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 can be used with ease. The fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 is not only can be used to lock the screen only. Samsung has partnered with PayPal for online shopping through fingerprint verification, making it more secure.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner

3. The ultra power saving mode

With all sorts of capabilities, today’s smartphones tend wasteful power. To overcome this, Samsung includes a new feature that is quite unique, the ultra power saving mode. As the name suggests, this mode will change the way mobile phones in the extreme to conserve power as much as possible. Because of its extreme, the screen was changed to black and white only. In addition to lowering the working frequency of the processor, when the user mode is selected, the Galaxy S5 will also deactivate the data connection, wifi, and others that can be wasting the batteries When in ultra power saving mode. You can see also in┬áSamsung Galaxy S5 manual.

Samsung Galaxy S5 ultra power saving mode


4. Selective focus

Samsung also remodel the camera on the Galaxy S5. This smart phone has a 16 megapixel sensor that is also equipped with phase detect autofocus and the ability to record images of high-dynamic range (HDR) in real time, both for photos and video. When there are two different objects within the photograph, for example, the user can decide whether to focus on the foreground or background objects. Uniquely, this selection is done after the picture is taken, not before. Selective focus is activated through an icon that is available in the camera interface. Users have to maintain framing with motionless for a few seconds while taking pictures with this mode.

Samsung Galaxy S5 selective focus

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