Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 and N9005. Include Specifications, Tips and Latest Firmware Update

Samsung Galaxy S4 manual

samsung galaxy s4 i9500 user manual

You can read this Samsung Galaxy s4 manual before using the Samsung Galaxy S4. After read this manual then a lot of tasks can be done with this of the Galaxy S4. And in addition we try to field simple and easy manual to be more optimal to use of this phone. This Samsung Galaxy S4 manual will allow users to benefit from some aspects, ranging from the speed, convenience of access and quality for using the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the user’s daily activities. Speed and comfort can be optimally produced with some tips like, make arrangements of TouchWiz, saving battery, communication session setting control, lighting arrangements and pay attention to the notification panel. The quality can be made optimally with a few tips when using features such as photos and videos.

Tips on Optimizing TouchWiz

TouchWiz in our understanding is a launcher that is compatible with Android OS made specifically by Samsung for any device or product. Samsung Galaxy S4 TouchWizz can become more responsive and faster by doing some of the settings in the important parts such as setting the visual effects of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The visual effects are usually in the form of image animations embellish the front view of the Samsung Galaxy S4. We believe TouchWiz of Samsung Galaxy S4 is optimal, although it should work featuring animation repeatedly, but we also believe arrangements or reduction of visual effects animation will make this phone to become more optimal and very responsive. How to perform these settings? You can enter to menu developer option, then scroll down to find the label Scale Drawing and Animation Windows, Scale animated transitions, and the time or duration of scale animation, makes sure everything is in the off state to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 more optimal, fast and responsive.

Samsung Galaxy S4 TouchWiz



Manual on Panel Settings notifications

It is also a very important part when the user wants optimum results for using this Samsung Galaxy S4. Notification panel should be chosen based on the features what has the highest level of frequency of use. And should be on this menu option the user simply selects or divide it into five features used only by the level of frequency.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Panel Settings notifications

Manual on Using the Auto Brightness

Auto Brightness ensure users of Samsung Galaxy S4 to be optimal in some phase or certain times, call it when the user gets an incoming call and after the call screen immediately dimmed or off. Or when the user is outside in the daytime with the level of light bright sunlight, with Auto Brightness does not inconvenience the user must close the device with both hands or squint to see the screen in these conditions. And to do this setting his tips are entered into the notification panel and check the Auto Brightness.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Using the Auto Brightness

Manual Optimizing Communication Settings

Communicating with many people may be fun, but for certain conditions to communicate with many people also can be disturbing. Samsung Galaxy S4 makes it easy to optimize how the user to communicate with this smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Optimizing Communication Settings

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