Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 and N9005. Include Specifications, Tips and Latest Firmware Update

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 manual

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 manual_2 Before you decide to buy Samsung galaxy note 4, it is suggested that you read this Samsung galaxy note 4 manual first.  The characteristic of this handset can be seen from its large screen (usually measuring 5.5 inches and above), the latest specification release every year and also do not forget its pen stylus. Well, for you who are looking for Samsung galaxy note 4 manual, then these following tips may help you a lot.

1. Using Note 4 with One Hand

Galaxy Note 4 has many features that can facilitate you for instance this phone can be operated with only one hand. You can set it in Settings – Display and Wallpaper – One Handed Operation. On the menu you will see several features such as “Reduce screen size” that allows you to turn down the screen to the right angle so that your thumb can easily operate it. Another feature is the “One-handed input” which lets you adjust the size and position of the button calls, incoming calls and keyboard key while the “Side panel key” can facilitate you in achieving recent button, Home, and Back and a few other functions that exist on the sidebar. Using Galaxy Note 4 with One Hand

2. Using the fingerprint sensor to unlock, sign-in and others.

Fingerprint sensor is a security feature that you can use to lock and unlock galaxy Note 4, you need to  login to Samsung website and verify your account and then it can be used to pay for goods that you buy through Paypal. To use it, the first step you can do is to enroll your fingerprints first. Go to Settings РFinger Scanner РFingerprint manager and follow all the instructions on the screen of your phone. You also need to enter a password backup. Fingerprint can be reset, so to be on the safe side, where the role of backup password. For features that use fingerprint features such as lock screen, log into the website or Paypal, you can find it in Settings РPersonalization РFinger scanner menu. Galaxy Note 4 fingerprint sensor

3. Ultra power saving mode

This feature can help you to extend battery power when you’re in a state that does not allow for recharging. Feature of Ultra power saving mode will minimize the appearance of colors, limiting unneeded applications running in the background and shut down the entire network in order to save your cell phone battery. To enable this go to Settings – Power saving – Ultra power saving mode and tap and enable “Ultra power saving mode”. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Ultra power saving mode

4. Using the motions and gestures

This feature has several sub-features such as “Direct Call” which can facilitate you to make calls with just a phone closer to the ears of course you have to choose the contact you want to call, the next feature is “Smart alert” that will make your phone vibrate when there is incoming notification or an event that you have previously made. There is also the “Mute / Pause” to mute an incoming call or alarm simply by attaching the palm of your hand on the screen. And do not forget, the “Palm swipe to capture” that serves to take screenshots simply by swiping your hand from right to left or vice versa. Galaxy Note 4 motions and gestures

5. Turn on the screen with gesture water

Screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be activated without touching a finger. Yes, you can use the water gesture. To enable it go to Settings – Accessibility – Dexterity and interaction – Air wake up, and its switch. Now you should be able to activate the screen simply by waving a hand over the sensor of this phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Turn on the screen with gesture water

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