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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Olympic Edition Launched

Samsung has just announced that its Universe Note 3 will become the state phone of the Sochi Olympics, an event that’s bound to take place from February 7th to February 23rd.

Offered by Dutch carrier KPN, the Olympic Games Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a particular change cover case with an original Sochi design and container packaging along with passes to skating sessions in Amsterdam.

Along side that reward for players, Samsung will also deliver a brand new Wireless Olympic Works (WOW) Android request tailor-made for the Sochi activities. The software will allow you to quickly and easily stay up to date with the latest rankings, news, medal counts, and other relevant functions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Olympic Edition

The device is likewise obtainable in more European markets at a later period, but Samsung hasn’t given any specific days or spouses.

Moreover, Samsung can give a free Olympic Editions Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to each Sochi 2014 player participating in the Activities. We think the Olympic Model Universe Notice 3 should come with all the Samsung Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics application pre-mounted.

All this and more will make up the “Samsung Smart Olympic Games” initiative that aims to keep you posted real time with what’s occurring in Russia early next year. For those that can’t make it there, it’s a pleasant attempt.

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