Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 and N9005. Include Specifications, Tips and Latest Firmware Update

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hidden Features you should to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is packed with functionality that many users will certainly avoid or certainly not move deeply enough to the settings to understand. Once examining the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 configurations and looking out to find the best method to use the Galaxy Note 3, you can read the number of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hidden features in which find out the full potential of this device.

Many of these unique and hidden Galaxy Note 3 features not need any extra accessories, so you will simply need to touch via settings and also learn the tips and tricks to using the Galaxy Note 3. The tips isn’t described in the manual user guide. All these Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hidden features will not be locked regarding a special pass code and not need a user to rooting the Galaxy Note 3, they are just hard for the standard user to get on their own.

It does not problem if you work with the Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or U.S. Cellular, because these hidden Galaxy Note 3 features will work on every model.

Here’s a few Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hidden features

  • Make your Galaxy Note 3 Simpler to Use using Standard Mode

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be overwhelming at the first time smartphone user, or perhaps to an iPhone switcher. When you don’t want to see all of the options and settings, and also rather just need a user friendly smartphone with a big screen and a S Pen, turn on Easy Mode.

samsung galaxy note 3 hidden features

Go to Settings -> Device tab -> Easy mode -> On. This will simplify using the Note 3 including the settings menu and access to commonly used apps. To turn it off, go to Easy Settings -> More Settings -> Easy Mode – Off.

  • Modify Audio and Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has the choice to turn on adaptable audio plus an adaptable display. All these methods determines the display and audio to meet up with your conditions or perhaps your ears correspondingly.

With Modify display on, the Note 3 will immediately modify the colour variety, saturation and sharpness for apps like Camera, Gallery, Google Play Books and many other applications to make a better look and feel. Turn this on in Settings ->Device -> Display -> Screen Mode – Adapt Display. Alternately if you don’t like it, select one mode to use.

galaxy note 3 feature

After setting that up, go to  Settings ->Device -> Sound -> Adapt Sound -> Start.  This particular will certainly take you step-by-step through what sounds and seems like an hearing test, that can help the Note 3 give you the greatest audio for you while in calls although playing music. You’ll need earphones due to this to work.

  • Use Flash as Call Alert

If you want to ensure that you identify when someone is calling the Galaxy Note 3, you’re able to use the camera flash being an notify. This is a famous accessibility function at the iPhone, and now Samsung owners can use it too.

note 3 hidden features

Go to Settings -> Device tab -> Accessibility -> Scroll down to Flash Notification and check the box to the right. This will deliver a very bright alert for notifications. Turning the device over will turn it off for that notification.

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