Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 and N9005. Include Specifications, Tips and Latest Firmware Update

Galaxy Note 3 Screen Size, Display, Camera, etc.

As with the earlier version, the Note 3 primarily appears much similar to its smaller brother i.e., the Galaxy S4. In general, though, most will favor the design of the Galaxy Note 3 largely because of the soft and fake leather back; which offers the Note 3 a stunningly less cheap sense as compared to the S4. Also, it’s much easy to hold than shiny plastic.

Galaxy Note 3 Screen Size

The Galaxy Note features a screen that equals 5.7in. In spite of all this, the physical dimensions of the Note 3 have in fact shrunk because it is one millimeter thinner, slightly thinner in its waist & also15g lighter as compared to the Note 2.

The big Super-AMOLED screen is now a FHD i.e., 1,920 x 1,080 pixels; and fully compatible to 4G; the back camera offers a 13 megapixels capturing quality & is able to film 4K video; also the upgraded quad core Qualcomm Snap dragon 800 chipset that clocks at 2.3GHz  is supported with a 3 GB RAM.

In addition, you can find a USB-3 host socket positioned at the bottom for faster transfer of huge 4K video clippings, one infrared port to control your television or set top box as well as 3 additional sensors for humidity, gesture, and temperature identification. The Galaxy Note 3 also features micro SD card slot for expanded storage & a removable battery. Also how could you forget the active stylus feature from Samsung: the S-Pen places in the bottom right end of this smartphone.

Galaxy Note 3 display

In spite of the smaller measurements, the battery capacity has not been affected. The company managed to locate a slightly better capacity 3,200mAh battery. Even if you use this device heavily for gaming, video shooting & downloading big volumes of data, you can easily operate it for a full day.

All these features adds-up to what is an excellent, luxurious phablet. It’s extremely fast for general usage, quite smooth when surfing the net & plays high end games with comfort. In the benchmark tests, the Galaxy Note 3 send off the Sun Spider benchmark inside only 591ms; with a score equal to 4,002 in Geek bench & 916 during the Peace-keeper HTML trial. In addition, the device achieved a flat average of 26 frames per sec in the tough GFXBench T Rex HD trial.

Galaxy Note 3 Screen Size

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