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Galaxy Note 3 Neo spec list leaks out

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is on shop shelves for some months now, but since it is a rather high end piece of package, the unit still takes a reasonably high cost at many retail merchants. It seems that Samsung may get a want to offer more people a style of the Notice 3 encounter with no Note 3 cost, however, as a recently-leaked batch of records has revealed that the business might be prepping a “Lite” edition of its own latest main.

The device claim to have details on a new device referred to as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. In accordance with the leaked spec sheet, the Note 3 Neo is going to be a mash up of the Note 2 and Note 3, providing lots of identical specs as past year’s note however a layout and applications encounter which is more Note 3-like. The Galaxy Note 3 Neo is supposed to have a 5.55-inch HD Super AMOLED screen, 8-mega pixel back and 1.9-mega pixel front cameras, 2GB RAM as well as a 3100mAh battery that which are such as like the Taking a Chance on Love.

galaxy note 3 neo

One large difference involving both telephones are their chips, while the Note 2 and Note 3 Neo are rather similar spec-smart. While the Taking a Chance on Love packages a 1.6GHz quad core chip, the Note 3 Neo can be said to have a “hexacore” cpu that is a blend of 1.7GHz dual core and 1.3GHz quadcore chipsets. Galaxy Note 3 Neo can be believed to take several applications and layout goodies from your routine Note 3, for example its faux-leather backside and Sophisticated MultiWindow features.

The Note 2 and Note 3 Neo might share several of equal characteristics, but having an updated chip and new, slimmer body, the Note 3 Neo might be a good compromise for peoples that don’t need last year’s version but can not buy a Record 3 for just one reason or another. Of class, that’s assuming that all with this Note 3 Neo things is the true price. What’s promising is that Mobile World Congress is developing quickly, with its positioning between Samsung regular Galaxy Note and Galaxy S main statements, MWC might be a good venue for the institution to unveil the Note 3 Neo. Remain tuned.

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