Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 and N9005. Include Specifications, Tips and Latest Firmware Update

How to Control Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Your Voice

In combination with using S Voice if the display screen will be off and also the Galaxy Note 3 is actually sleep there are a lot of other methods you are able to control Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using your voice. Go to Settings -> Controls tab -> Voice Control. Turn this on and put checkmarks next to the parts you want to control by voice. Here’s a simple explanation of the things you are able to control.

  • Answer or Decline Calls
  • Snooze or turn off an alarm
  • Take a photo by saying Capture, Shoot, Smile or Cheese
  • Pause, play and skip tracks in the Music application.

This may not really work if the smartphone is on vibrate only, for taking calls. When working with Voice to answer a call the Galaxy Note 3 could immediately go on speaker mode. You need to be careful having the ability to snooze alarms without having moving.

Make use of the Galaxy Note 3 Hands-free in Your Car

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 includes an easy to use hands-free mode rendering it a possibility to makes use of the Galaxy Note 3 simpler when driving a car. By using Hands-free Mode turned on the device reads out calls, messages, alarms as well as scheduled events in addition to allows for users to answer a phone call by using Air Wave.


galaxy note 3 handsfree


Turn this on by looking to Settings -> Controls tab -> Hands-free mode and turning it on. You are able to select the options you need to be on inside of this next menu. While active S Voice is much more focused to obtain a driver and can connect to a car from the S Voice configurations.

Don’t Disturb for Galaxy Note 3 (Blocking Mode)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 includes Blocking Mode that’s simply a Do Not Disturb mode for this device. Users might manually turn this on whenever heading into a meeting or looking to bring an afternoon rest, or set a plan to turn it on every night.


galaxy note 3 blocking mode


The simplest way to turn it on manually would be to tap onto it in the notification tray. Hold on tight it to open up the actual settings where you could arranged an automatic stop and start time for Blocking mode. During blocking mode you are able to approve calls from favorites and also people that call regularly, thus users could get through in an emergency.

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