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Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Samsung Galaxy S4 review

The Samsung Company has been struggling with Apple for a long time. It seems this opposition hasn’t some logical end. Apple turns out new iPhone 5 and the Samsung produces new flagship Galaxy S4 at the same time. It’s not clear if legendary Apple prepare something new with number 6, but it’s obviously that Samsung is ready to make funs glad.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most popular model in Korean company. Its predecessor is Galaxy S3, which had stunning sales. Till we have not some other alternative among products of this company, we can compare Galaxy S4 only with Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.

So the Galaxy S4 black (or white – it’s the same flagships) borrowed the best characteristics from the other top phones. The best Full-HD resolution can’t somebody surprise, it is typical of all leading smartphones – Sony Xperia Z1, HTC One or iPhine 5. But the Galaxy S4 has Super AMOLED HD screen, which has not competitors.


Moreover this model has a much faster processor and more space for media files thanks to a memory card slot. Some welcome bonus is capability 4G, Bluetooth 4.0 version and NFC.

So, have you any doubts?

New Samsung flagship is equipped powerful software. There are sensitive camera, smart way to communicate with your friends and possibility of your health control with a help of useful applications.



The Samsung Galaxy S4 black or white isn’t differ from Galaxy S3, but it’s not disadvantage. This mounting is very effective and easy-to-use. In the hand, the Samsung Galaxy S4 (or S3 with the same design) feels much better than any other Samsung phones. The sub-8mm thickness, and weight 130g are quite enough for phones. It’s almost ideal size.

Visible defect is plastic case. Producers of the Galaxy S4 assure that this phone is very solid. But the case of this smartphone is made from polycarbonate. It’s not solid material per se. But iPhone has ultrastrong metallic hood.



Some innovation PenTitle in the Galaxy S4 allows to view media files, video, photo or other with maximal zoom. You will not see square of pixel. The phone has diagonal 4.99 inch and resolution 1920х1080. The most abundant delusion is statement that Super AMOLED HD screen is too bright and has saturated unnatural colors. It’s not a problem. In setting you can choose comfortable for you personal variant of imaging. For example, more bright or dim, natural colors. Flexibility of the Galaxy S4 setting is maximal. Only iPhone 5 from Apple company has such varying setting.

Other function and characteristics

The Galaxy S4 white (or black colour) can boast a quick response of all standard programs and applications. With a help of new latest version of Android software it makes possible to use some interesting function such as notes or functional calendar, alarm or timer. All of this function work very effective and quick. The possibility of use some special gestures for simply screenshot making or music stopping will make users of the Galaxy S4 glad. It is very easy.

samsung galaxy s4 white wallpaper


Of course, this new version of Galaxy series is technological and functional the best model in the line. The Samsung Company achieves colossal success in its smartphones. All phones are variable. It means you can choose your personal style and mounting of the phone’s software. Nearest competitor iPhone 5 with iOS 7 software can’t boast variable design – only this design, which the company produced and no more.


In Samsung Galaxy S4 camera is much better and design is more comfortable. But Apple has so many functions which hasn’t alternative.



Generally it’s not so correctly to compare one company and its product with other company. They have principal different software and aesthetics, function and approach. But it can say that both smartphones are the best in up-to-date technology


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