Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Manual User Guide for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 and N9005. Include Specifications, Tips and Latest Firmware Update

Some of the Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips


 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips

1. Software Upgrade

Always remember that any software upgrade launched by Samsung for Note 3 is likely to have security patches, battery advances & bug fixes. Shortly, the Galaxy Note 3 will also receive Android 4.4 Kit-Kat for extra applications as well as features.


2. Closing Apps

Many apps on your phone utilize memory & if you wish to fully stop them, follow the steps given below:-

Settings: Apps Manager: Click the app: Force-Close.

Nevertheless, a few of these applications might reactivate if your restart your phone.


3. Issues related to the Performance

Even while it features heavily packed hardware elements, the Note 3 might still face lag issues & it’s suggested that you free its memory. Close your applications by tapping the Back button rather than the Home key & use it’s in built Task-Manager for closing all running applications.

 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips

4. Get Essential Applications

You might have to download applications from the Google Store like movies, messaging clients, news, games. Etc. that you could use for regular activities.


5. Apps for S-Pen

The Note 3 is not a normal handset. It has S Pen features. Some features for example Sketchbook are quite useful for drafting, drawing and writing.


6. Palm Mute

Mute all the things on the Note 3 by keeping your palm above its sensors when the display is on. For controlling this, follow the given steps: Settings: Controls: Palm Motion.


7. USB 3.0 Port

Since it can support USB 3.0. If you wish to move your files rapidly with the USB cable, ensure that you connect your phone to the PC using the USB 3.0 port.


8. Music Player

You will be able to operate the phone’s music player with your voice command. You can “pause” or “play” by tuning on the feature. Follow the below given steps:-

Settings: Controls: Voice control.


9. Screen Imaging

Using the Wi Fi Direct feature, you can activate Screen Imaging to let the device to send its display visuals to other device for example Samsung TV.

 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips